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Adina Nica


Motto: "Hard work is a prison sentence only if it has no meaning" Malcom Gladwell

About me

I started my career in 1997, after graduating from Wirtschaft Universitat Vienna where I specialized in Marketing and Organizational Behavior.

I did my training in market research in Mercury Research (7 years), after which I  moved to the client side, as Research Manager at Raiffeisen Bank. After 5 years in which I was involved in strategic projects of the bank (repositioning the brand image, developing Cross Sell expertise, perfecting the Quality Service system), I returned to the agency side, being Head of Research at Synovate Romania, and subsequently Head of Censydiam Central and Eastern Europe. I thus had the opportunity to deepen the most avant-garde methods of studying the consumer, and to have an international vision.

If I were to call the red thread of my career, this is my belief that Marketing must be at the service of Man, and not the other way around. In all the projects I have carried out, the advice I have given to clients has been for brands to address real consumer needs, to enter their lives in a natural and relevant way, to help them have a life better.

I believe that a deep understanding of human nature, of the individual's psychological needs, is the key to a quality relationship between the marketer and the consumer.

Projects extremely dear to me

  • Providenta-Development of the internal strategy for a hospital and polyclinic- 2013

  • Itsy-Bitsy Radio Brand Strategy Development - 2014

  • iPlan-Training Markstrat on strategy for 300 managers 2011-2013

  • IAA School, market research course for 7 generations of the school 2011-present

How and in what areas could I help?

  • Marketing consultancy: market analysis (macro and in the context of competition), 4P analysis and planning, brand strategy development, brand pyramid development

  • Workshops: creative workshops, brand strategy development workshops

  • Market Research: brand studies, consumer segmentation (motivational, lifestyle, interests), consumer trends, communication testing using Neuromarketing methodologies

  • Management consultancy:  Organizational diagnosis

Tools, Licenses and International Models that I have chosen because they respect the values I believe in

  • Marketing and Organizational Behavior graduate at  Wirtchaft University in Vienna

  • Certified professional - market research - University of Georgia, USA

  • Raiffeisen Management Academy

  • Trainer Markstrat 

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