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Aura Malcev


Motto: "The only way to achieve great things is to love what you do". (Steve Jobs)

About me

  • 20 years of experience in strategic marketing and integrated communication (online/offline, internal/external

  • 22 brands (especially global) launched and developed nationally and in Eastern Europe,   with sales growth results of an average of 2 percent (10%-110%), in various industries, ex : FMCG (P&G, Unilever brands), telecom (Orange), industrial (General Electric).

  • Experience in marketing management in various industries, nationally and in Eastern Europe:

    • Project management and communication strategy in multinational advertising companies (e.g. Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy & Mather, DDB)

    • Integrated Marketing & Communication   (ex:  General Electric / SEE Communication Director, EPSN Workforce Group, Eindhoven / CEE Marketing Director )

    • Since 2009:  International marketing consultant (eg: Garrison Group, Budapest in   strategic marketing projects with the CEE team, Turkey, respectively network).


Projects extremely dear to me

  • 2011-2015: ANT/ Marketing Management assistance in promoting the national tourism brand  in 11 countries (USA, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Israel, Poland, Romania), including:

  • Development coordination of creative projects: briefing, selection, research/ pre-testing  concepts, development  creation and production of 10 integrated campaigns (corporate + tourism products) online/offline

  • Strategic support in the development of national and international TV co-productions (Travel Channel EMEA)

  • Suport  in partnership development: e.g. Rowmania competitions, Bucharest Ecotourism Center, events with major public impact, etc.

  • Strategic support in national and international media acquisition initiatives

  • Collateral material development support (concept, execution): tourist maps and   national and regional brochures.

  • Strategic support in the relationship between the National Tourism Authority and the representatives of the tourism industry in Romania

  • Following the development and implementation of communication campaigns, there was an annual increase of over 10% in the number of tourists (according to INS data).

How and in what areas could I help?

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Brand positioning

  • Communication Strategy

  • Integrated Communication Management (internal/external, online/offline), nationally and globally

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