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Cristian Udrescu


Motto: "Victorious warriors first win and only then go to war"

About me:

I was captivated by Computers, Technology and Programming methods since high school, a passion that followed me throughout my professional life. I started programming as a construction engineer and then continued to become a young entrepreneur specializing in the development of business solutions, with hundreds of implementations of ERP, CRM, SCM, SFA, WMS, POS and more.  Managing the requirements of large corporations or small or medium-sized companies, I learned to understand the processes of organizations and to find solutions adapted to each need.


Microsoft solutions, Oracle technology, SalesForce functionalities, local business software solutions, all contributed to a wide range of skills and expertise that helped me design unique solutions capable of delivering major advantages for all the projects in which I was involved in the region (Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Austria, etc.).


In recent years, I have been involved in the implementation of several projects that reached the companies' need for improving the already implemented IT systems, technological optimizations, analysis of business procedures and the involvement of new efficiency standards in industries such as industrial production, pharmaceuticals, distribution, services, finance for companies like British American Tobacco, JTI, PEPSI, Peugeot, Kromberg & Schubert, Renault, EnergoBit, E van Wike, Hyundai, UbiSoft, etc.

Projects extremely dear to me

  • JTI (Japan Tobacco Int'l)​​ – implementation of the national distribution activity and implementation of SFA solutions and integration with SAP for 30 local warehouses and over 350 sellers .

  • Interbrands Marketing&Distibution – Implementation of ERP and SFA for more than 500 sellers and 35 warehouses, including the distribution departments of Procter&Gamble, Gilette, BAT and Nestle

  • Peugeot – ERP & car service for the national dealership network

  • PEPSI – ERP, SFA, Data Warehouse, and Business Intelligence integration

  • HVB Leasing (Unicredit) – ERP/Leasing Management, Financial Services and Business Intelligence

  • Renault – Management of all regional dealers by implementing the DataFirst France specialized solution.

How and in what areas could I help?

  • Diagnosis of current IT systems and identification of improvement solutions

  • Analysis of Business Processes and GAP analysis of current processes

  • The design and implementation of efficient IT solutions, adapted to the real needs of your business.

  • Presentations of technology dedicated to the specifics of the business in which you operate

  • Cost reduction based on a better understanding of technical and implementation needs

  • Migration of current solutions to mobile devices

  • Project Management

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