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Radu Radoi


Motto: "Being brave means not backing down even when you're afraid"

About me

I graduated from the Oil and Gas Institute in 1987, but for the last 27 years I have worked exclusively in the IT&C industry. Despite my belief that I can only "function" as an employee, I managed to be successful in my own company, starting from scratch. During all this period I was, in turn: company owner, the first employee of Novell and VMware in Romania, Oracle technology seller and developer of the distribution structure of Oracle products in 5 countries. The activity in the two ways (owner and employee) have been very useful in my life because I could evaluate the pluses and minuses of both.

If I could go back in time, I wouldn't change a thing. Few people were given to live such an interesting period and with so many changes.

​A few years ago I started doing business consulting in technology.

The crisis led the companies in the direction of cost cutting, cutting that in most cases meant preserving and/or maintaining the same level of implemented IT&C solutions. Slowly, slowly, these platforms started to become resource-consuming (the efforts made to keep them alive and operating are increasing more and more) instead of fulfilling their purpose of supporting the everyday business.


This means only one thing: it's time to change the paradigm, it's time for a new approach: the IT&C system must transform from a cost center into an intelligent platform that supports the company's business.

Projects extremely dear to me:

•   Secom – an architecture that ensures the independence of the IT&C platform/the flexibility required by the business, 2017-present

•    Impar – IT&C platform reengineering, 2017-2018

How and in which areas could I help?

•    Aligning technology with client company priorities

•    Understanding technological needs and limitations

•    Optimization of company flows/processes

•    Assessment of current needs and projection of future needs

•    Planning and Budgeting of investments in technology using hybrid environments (in the company/in the cloud)

Tools, Licenses and International Models that I have chosen because they respect the values I believe in:

  • EMBA - OU Great Britain

  • Infomentis – professional business courses

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