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Andreea Teodorescu


Motto: "Life is not about surviving in a storm, but dancing in the rain". (Albert Eistein). 

About me

I'm a person who always likes new challenges, who believes I can resolve all. My career started with consumer understanding, working in one of the biggest market research companies in Romania, in that time, Synovate. After a while, I've changed barricades, starting to work in the marketing departments of multinational and local prestigious companies - Ursus Breweries, Pepsi Americas and Scandia Food, occupying several positions, all in marketing: research specialist, brand manager, category manager and marketing manager, altogether counting for more than 12 years in marketing management.

From 2011 I'm a free lancer, working as a senior consultant in business strategy and marketing within The Network group. My passion in my professional life are insights' generation workshops which bring information, people and minds together and generate actionable ideas and action plans for clients' business. 

Projects near and dear to my heart:

  • Secom – Organizational strategy, Assessment center, Performance Management System, workshops: Brand Positioning, Retail Plan 2017 and  various capabilities development trainings 

  • Carpatina – Strategic Plan (from market diagnose to annual plan)

  • Markstrat – 2011 - 2013, 10 sessions of Interactive marketing training, with over than 300 top&middle managers and entrepreneurs

How can I help?

  • Business & Marketing strategy

  • Market segmentation

  • Brand positioning

  • Comunication strategy

  • Market research

  • Marketing consultancy: market analysis, marketing mix strategy, 

  • Interactive workshops:  War game, Portfolio strategy, Brand/ Trade plans

  • Market Research support: brand studies, market segmentation, market trends, marketing mix tests

  • Management consultancy: internal diagnosis

Tools, Licenses and international models that I have chosen to respect the values ​​I believe in:

  • Certified trainer – CNFPA

  • Creative leadership – ERISMA (Erudio)

  • Certified Markstrat Facilitator (StratX)

  • Insights' Generation  – Insight Way program (SAB Miller)

  • Market segmentation - Insight Way program (SAB Miller)

  • Master in Marketing and Communication – ASE Bucuresti

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