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Cristina Gheorghe


Motto: "Dare! I conquered the world".

About me:

I graduated Bucharest University of Economic Studies, REI, in 1997. I had a great chance: first job in P&G, a company that now I consider one of the most visionary and strategic in the world. I learned a lot during 5 years in P&G. One day, however, a good friend leaving the country offered me a job in consulting. A draft Turnaround Plan of a Romanian company. And so I began my transformation adventure of both my customers and mostly myself.. And I never cease to amaze me: on how big is people's desire to make sense to grow and succeed on and so great is their need to be accompanied and guided. I found that this is also my passion. Nothing motivates me more than the faith in what I do, the need to offer and learn together and excel. Even when I am playing field or table tennis or, when I am travelling around the world or when I carve.

Projects near and dear to my heart:

  • Dezvoltarea companiilor de distributie ale P&G din Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria si Serbia, 1997-1998

  • Development of distribution companies of P&G in Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria and Serbia, 1997-1998

  • Development of National Accounts (Carrefour, Metro) for P&G, 2000-2002

  • Growing and transformation of GMP Group, 2004-present

  • Transforming of Mercury 360 organization, 2002-2007

  • Turnaround Agricola Bacau, 2008-2012

  • Creation and management of iPlan Project, 1.5 million EUR, 10 000 Romanian managers involved in strategic planning skills development, 2011-2013

  • Creating and Managing of Varlaam Metropolitan School and Foundation, 2009-present

How can I help?

  • 3D Leadership - 3D Development = IQ+EQ+SQ for leaders

  • Turnaround Management

  • Organization Culture Transformation

  • Outward Mindset 

  • Strategic Planning process

Tools, Licenses and international models that I have chosen to respect the values ​​I believe in:

  • Outward Mindset -Arbinger Institute, USA

  • Emotional Intelligence in Leadership - Comprofiles Institute License, France

  • Strategic Driver, Strategic Planning Competences Diagnosis-  Behavioral Science Systems license, Irland

  • Executive Results Driver; Behaviours that accelerate, sustain or prevent great results- Behavioral Science Systems license, Ireland

  • California Personality Inventory - D&D Consulting

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