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Radu Radoi


Motto: “To be brave means not to retreat even if you are scared”

About me

I graduated Oil and Gas Institute in 1987, but in the latest 27 years I spent all my time working in IT&C, both as entrepreneur and corporate employee. I experienced most: to run my own company, to start Novell and Vmware offices in Romania, to build projects within Oracle and to create/run an Oracle distribution network in 5 countries. Both „worlds” helped me a lot by giving me the opportunity to see the pluses and minuses of each. If I would turn back time I wouldn’t change anything. Little were meant to live such an interesting period of time with so many changes. ​ ​Couple of years ago, I started consulting in technology. The crisis has led companies to cut costs, cuts that in most cases meant keeping and / or maintaining the IT & C solutions at the same level. Slowly, these platforms began to become resource-intensive instead of meeting their everyday business support. That's one thing: it's time to change the paradigm, it's time for a new approach: the IT & C system has to turn from a cost center into an intelligent platform that supports the company's business.

Projects near and dear to my heart:

•    Secom – an architecture that ensures the independence of the IT & C platform / the flexibility needed for the business, 2017-present

•    Impar – IT&C platform reengineering, 2017-2018

How can I help?

•    Aligning the Client Company priorities with the supporting IT&C technology

•    Understanding the needs vs. technical limitations

•    Processes&business flow reengineering

•    Assessing the actual needs and extrapolating the future ones

•    Planning & Budgeting the required technology in an on-prem/cloud environment

Tools, Licenses and international models that I have chosen to respect the values ​​I believe in:

  •   EMBA - OU Great Britain

  •   Infomentis – professional business training

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