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Modern Romania and Heaviside step function

Faced with endemic issues of corruption and incompetence threatening to undermine the quality and efficiency of the democratic system, I believe Romania stands at a crossroads. Traditionally, we've viewed change as a marathon, not a sprint.

Yet, our recent history suggests that significant progress or regression follows "shocks" or turning points: consider the independence war of 1877, the alliance with the Entente in World War I, the abolition of the monarchy, or the 1989 revolution.

These moments, akin to the "Heaviside step functions" in mathematics, swiftly shifted the nation's direction, for better or worse.

So, what if we applied a Heaviside-type "shock therapy" to hasten the fight against the corruption-incompetence duo?

· The first "jolt": the elimination of cash. A bold move that might bring corruption to its knees.

· The second "jolt": automating the administration with UiPath, the global leader in RPA.

As the saying goes, "We have the means". Why not have the world's most robotized governance? Yes, there could be side effects, but the opportunity cost of inaction would be astronomical.

Who said change has to be slow?

What do you think?


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